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We love a room that breaks the rules. Don't get us wrong, matching chairs are a safe bet, but  there's something special about a space that dares to mix things up. 

There's one rule we follow when mismatching our dining chairs and that is to mix intentionally. Rather than a hodgepodge of chairs that have no business being seated at the same table, we find it works best to choose one element to apply to all of your selections to keep some cohesiveness to the space — the last thing you want is having your dining room look like one big accident. 

If you need some guidance on how to mix and match your chairs, look no further. Follow our tips to expertly style mismatched dining chairs.


Bookend a Dining Table

Arms add a level of formality to a dining room. Bookend a dining table with armed dining chairs, and go with their more casual fellow for the rest. Your guests sitting at the ends will feel a little extra special. 


Keep a Consistent Material Palette

Work within the same material palette and play with the designs. So long as there’s one cohesive theme — in this case, the oak wood frame and leather seats, they’ll blend seamlessly.


Play With Texture

So you love leather strapping? So do we. Pull in a woven leather seat for some contrast — your eyes will love the texture play, and your guests are sure to love your creative touch.


Mix Colours

Feeling daring? Go for a combination of colours, just make sure they're different enough that it doesn't look like a mistake. Below we went with timber (kept a consistent material palette!) and a combo of blush and white — the light hues pair beautifully and give a personal flair to the dining room.


Mix Styles

Okay, technically the Kent Bench isn’t a dining seat, but he makes a great substitute for a couple of seats at the table. Our Fenwick tends to have a more modern vibe, while our Kent Bench boasts a classic look. Bringing the two together ensures a personalised take (plus, they’re a match made in heaven).

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