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By now you know that the team at Felix Furniture are the guys behind our Cubitt dining table that we simply adore! We caught up with the Antonia and Ian from Felix Furniture to ask them a few questions about their Melbourne based biz.






Tell us about where your love of furniture originated and who influenced your work?

My love for furniture started with my love for interior design. I have always been moving the furniture around, painting walls and re-arranging decor since I was a little kid. My dad was a wood joiner and so I grew up surrounded by beautiful handmade timber furniture. These two things combined I think has really spurred my love for on trend, solid furniture.  

Between the two of you, you have an extremely wide range of skills. Tell us how you work together and how you go about your design process?

Our design process usually begins with one of my sketches. From here, Ian and I play around with what visually looks good, is practical and functional. This process can take from a couple of days to months, until we get the piece to a stage that we are both happy. Then Ian will make a prototype, from there we continue to refine and tweak elements until we come to the final piece. We both have our own work space and areas of expertise and skill, which means we can play to each others strengths and balance each other out with minimal clashing!

You mentioned you started a hobby together of restoring old furniture. Is this still something you enjoy doing together? How did this hobby develop into starting your own business?

Restoring furniture is great fun! Time is a little more precious these days and sadly we don’t get the chance to start new projects very often, but we are always keeping our eye out in op-shops for another great find! Restoring furniture definitely gave us the idea and confidence to get Felix Furniture up and off the ground. Once you have the freedom to start changing furniture’s shape, colour and purpose it opens your mind up to a whole other world of ideas. 

You source all your materials and products locally, supporting Australian based and owned businesses (something we love about you!). How important is it to you to have these relationships and collaborations with other Australian businesses? Giving yourself restrictions like this, what sort of opportunities does this open for you as a business?

Keeping suppliers and product local is extremely important to us. We understand how hard the Australian furniture making industry can be, so we try and share the love with other local suppliers and makers as much as we can. It makes the whole industry a lot stronger as well building a community of like-minded people who are happy to help each other out. 

What are your favorite materials at the moment to work with?

Plywood is by far our favourite material to work with. An exposed plywood edge looks amazing, not to mention how eco-friendly plywood is! Cork is our new love, with cork doors and drawer featuring on come of our newest pieces. Cork has been a great addition to our materials collection it has incredible colour and texture and is also super environmentally friendly! 

What is your biggest styling tip for people who are adding décor to one of your products?

Keep it simple and don’t over load your surfaces. Let the wood grain shine.



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