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How to Style the Perfect Reading Nook

Anne Sage 

Renowned interior blogger

Imagine a light-filled, sophisticated yet relaxed LA bungalow, full of finely grained woods, honed marbles, beautifully worn metal patinas and roughly woven fabrics. No bold colours in this quaint space, all calming neutrals. That stylish retreat is exactly what you’re getting when you enter Anne Sage’s (of design blog, City Sage), carefully curated space.



Step into her bedroom, full of natural light and muted tones, and you’ll spot our Tanner armchair sitting pretty in the sunny corner, essentially our dream reading nook. The photos alone will have you dying to grab a cup of coffee, snag your favourite book and kick back for a read (or if you’re like us, a little guilt-free Pinterest time)!

Ever wondered how to style a reading nook? Styling this relaxing vignette is no easy task, so we asked the LA-based designer and lifestyle blogger how to create this perfectly cozy reading corner in a bedroom.





Anne tells us she loves thinking in threes when she designs. We won’t argue with that, such asymmetry is absolutely necessary in design. For her must-haves, she shares, “my three essentials for the perfect reading nook are a comfy chair (que Tanner armchair), a light source for casting a cozy glow, and a small table for resting items like a scented candle of mug of tea.”

Anne offered another pro-tip for you readers, “bonus points if your lamp has a dimmer so you can adjust the light depending on the time of day or mood you’d like to create!”

For more minimal design inspiration, take a peek at Anne’s Instagram page.

Fair warning, you might be stuck there for a couple of hours!


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