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The tale of two timbers, which is right for you?

One question that we always get asked is - which should I choose Oak or Teak? So here's a little information to guide that decision 



We've always believed hand crafted is best and that putting in the time and the right materials always reaps great rewards. Sustainably sourced hardwood has always been an important part of our crafting process and our brand's ethos.  


Choosing a piece of high-quality furniture for your home, office or business should always reflect how you want to feel in a space. 


So what's the difference between these two sustainably sourced hardwoods? It’s a great question and we wanted to share the key components of each hardwood to help inform your decision. Whichever one you do choose, we know it will look amazing… not biased, just proud of our beautiful range!



What is the difference?



Teak and oak are amongst the finest and most durable, robust woods used in furniture design and production. Both are hardwoods but sourced from different tree species with unique qualities




Teak is native to Southeast Asian regions, grown for over 50 years to achieve the highest quality standard. Our teak hardwood is harvested responsibly from Indonesian forests and is known for its dense, high natural oil content. Teak is resistant to moisture, heat and bugs, making it strong and durable, suitable for indoor or semi-outdoor use.

The important thing to know with Teak - is that there are different standards and quality of Teak, as a material, that you can purchase. We use only the highest quality and sustainably sourced. 



Oak trees take a long time to grow, and for that very reason, this timber is not always readily available. Oak timber has less oil content but possesses strength and durability with high resistance to moisture and humidity, making it a popular choice for indoor furniture designed to last. Our European white oak sourced is sustainably forested in Europe or the USA 


While the beauty of these hardwoods lies in its most natural state with its unique characteristics, their are visual differences. Teak tends to have a stronger contrast in tones, and Oak has a finer stripey grain.  BUT - the thing to note is that we have worked very hard to control the colour of teak and ensure this has an Oak like appearance in colour and tone. 



Can you show me a picture of each?  


Sure thing, but the challenge is that because we've worked so hard to match the tone, they are really not visible in good quality photography. The grains looks very similar. See what we mean?



TEAK                                                                        OAK



Which is right for you?  

Deciding between teak and white oak is an entirely personal choice dependent on style and budget preference. We want our customers to have flexibility when choosing which product is suitable for their homes, offices, or business..  


 Want some more advice?  

Here is a great external resource for some extra homework  https://www.woodworkingtrade.com/teak-wood-vs-oak-woods-compared/ 


Still need help?  

Reach out to us at hello@barnabylane.com.au and we'd be more than happy to assist  


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