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On this Texan-sized project, the perfect meeting of the minds, life and style came together.

US-based Interior Designer, Erin Fetherston worked with close friend, Odette Annable to transform her new home in Austin, Texas

Erin x odette

Well-known for her work as a fashion designer, it was a natural and complementary fit for California native, Erin Fetherston to harness her design instinct and talent to forge a platform for herself in interior design. 

Having lived in Paris, New York and now Los Angeles, Erin draws on her own experiences and believes good design should work hand in hand with lifestyle.   Her talent for family-friendly spaces has made her a go-to resource for celebrities and we couldn’t wait to learn more about Erin’s latest renovation project for actors, Odette and Dave Annable.  


Walk us through how this project came to be with Odette and Dave?

Odette and I are friends and I had just helped her style her house in Hollywood when she and Dave decided to move to Austin. Naturally I was honoured they invited me to have a hand in the design process of their new home.  

What was Odette’s brief to you? What were the non-negotiables?  

Odette really wanted to bring a cool Cali vibe into this house.  It was important to her for the home to feel welcoming, casual, but also elevated.   

You mentioned much of the project had to be managed with you in LA and Odette in Austin. Tell us how you were able to reinvent this home during the pandemic? 

I worked from photos and the floor plan and had to choose everything on-line.  In truth, it was a pretty smooth process.  I think the best surprise was how great it looked when I finally did get to go see it in person.  It was even better than I had imagined! 

The Before and Afters - what a transformation!

What was the inspiration for the bedroom? What were the priorities when creating such a light and airy space? 

Odette really wanted her bedroom to be an oasis for her and Dave.  Creating a space that felt bright and filled with natural light was key and we had enough space in the room to build a few different vignettes. 

How did Barnaby Lane fit into the project?

Odette wanted a bench for the end of her bed and we were both in love with the Kent bench olive green so it was an easy choice!  

What’s next for Erin Fetherston? What project are you working on next?

Now I'm doing Odette's bestie's house, Jamie Lynn Sigler, who also just left LA for Austin, Texas.  I'll be sharing that project in a few weeks!

Erin x Odette Project Details:

Clients: @odetteannable and @dave_annable 

As featured in @dominomag 

Interior Designer:  @erinfetherston and @theeyeagency 

Photographer: @katiejameson  

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