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Product Care

Product Care

We want our products to be with you for a very long time so please have a quick read on how to care for your Barnaby Lane pieces.

You’ve most likely come to us because we produce in leather. Leather is a natural material and every cow hide is unique to the individual. There can be blemishes, markings and imperfections within each piece of leather, which in our humble opinion only adds to the beauty of the product.

In general, to maintain leather to its best condition you need to note the following:

  1. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and or heating sources. 
  2. Do not use any acids, solvents, cleaning products, bleach, polish removers or any other chemicals
  3. We recommend only using a soft cloth and water to clean. The cloth should be damp not wet.
  4. Do not rub the leather just softly wipe
  5. Things to avoid: Red wine, oils, spillages and sticky fingers!


Vegetable Dye product care

Our products are tanned using a vegetable dye process, this process will provide a slight protective barrier to the leather.

To clean, please do so promptly on any spill. Use a soft cloth and water. If you need to use a mild cleaning detergent such as a baby wipe or Dettol wipe.

Be careful with new jeans on any of the light colour leathers – the dye from your jeans can leave a stain on the chairs 

Please take these as care tips only.

Barnaby Lane at no way guarantees the above cleaning suggestions.

For best results and information you can also always contact a specialised leather cleaner to discuss your specific problem as they will be better able to assist you.