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Design by CJH Studio / Photo by Ben Hosking

When you think of minimalism, you are probably envisioning a whitewashed room with Scandinavian furnishings and little to no decor. While that's one way of doing it, the simplistic approach to design encompasses much more than just that. The concept is all about decluttering and living with less while marrying design and simplicity — and it's totally attainable. 

As we enter 2020, here are a few mantras to keep in mind when trying to design and maintain a simplistic, minimalist space that will you keep your space, your mind, and your closets stress-free. 

Design by Mel Burstin / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Remember That Less is More

Living simply doesn’t mean living with nothing, it’s all about editing. Take the time to go through your furniture and decor and get rid of doubles, anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, or pieces that don't inspire you. 

Photo by Dylan James / Architecture by A For Architecture 

Buy Once, Buy Well 

Furniture is generally a big investment, so the key is getting it right the first time. Instead of buying frequently, buy once and buy quality. Invest in pieces that promise longevity, furniture you absolutely love and won’t have to replace. Pay attention to the craftsmanship and the material, (natural materials will serve you best), so you can invest in a few, high-quality pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Photo by Simon Shiff

Focus on Function & Form

When you’re designing like a minimalist, it’s more important than ever that each piece has a function, bonus points for multifunctional pieces (we’re looking at you, Kent). Since you’re working with less, each piece also becomes a feature of the overall design. With simplicity and functionality in mind, focus on aesthetics and form and make sure the space flows.

Photo by Simon Shiff

Streamline Your Palette

We’re getting rid of the chaos here, so find your colour and material palette and stick to it. Unfussy neutrals tend to have a calming effect, hence their positive rep among the minimalists. We like to stick with natural materials when possible, like leathers, high-quality woods and stones. These robust materials will compliment the space and wear beautifully over time. 


Jones Dining  Chair

Smith Chair 

Kent Bench

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