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Modern Simplistic Dining Room


Angela Tafoya, editorial director of US-based design publication Lonny Magazine, modernized her inherited 19th century California home with a major renovation alongside her artist and designer husband, Eric. The dated home sits just a block away from the famous Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. 

Angela has been with publication for two years now, and she’s undoubtedly found a home leading the Lonny team. Tafoya has a full plate; on top of directing a team she manages the editorial calendar of the publication, which includes “approving, assigning out, and editing all content seen on the site, while working with editors to flesh out ideas and decide how visuals accompany the content.”

The editorial director’s eclectic home is at once relaxing, serene, artistic and elevated. “I am always looking for things that tell a story or feel artful,” Angela tells us of her relaxing historic home, “I love surrounding myself with gorgeous art and textures.”


“I love how the chairs make such a subtle statement and look like they only get better as they age.” 

- ANGELA TAFOYA, Editorial Director of Lonny Magazine


When Angela chose to incorporate our Aussie brand into her dream home for a Lonny Magazine home tour, we were over the moon! Mentioning what she loved most about the brand, she says, “the clean lines, gorgeous materials, and sustainability. I love how the chairs make such a subtle statement and look like they only get better as they age.”

A buttery leather Smith tan armchair grounds their eclectic lounge nook acting as a focal point for the space. “For the fireplace room, we really wanted to create a cozy spot to read a book or just hang out and this lounge chair really provides a spot to do so,” she tells us. "It’s a random little nook that also feels a little crazy, but I love that.”

Modern Simplistic Dining Room


In the new dining space, she included a perfectly mismatched set of our  Fenwick and Spensley Dining Chairs in tan. It goes without saying that we’re bonkers over that simplistic dining room, but we might just opt to eat at the most adorable kids’ table we’ve ever laid eyes on, perfectly arranged for her darling three-year-old daughter, Tallie. 

Angela admits the couple is totally accepting of their pups hanging out on the furniture and their daughter taping pictures on the credenza (which we can attest will certainly happen). She designed around this reality of owning a home with pets and children as they set out to create the ultimate family space — functional, yet chic. 

Take a peek at Angela and Eric’s newly finished San Francisco remodel, and check out their full home tour here.

Modern Simplistic Dining Room
Cozy Boho Reading Nook
Modern Simplistic Dining Room



Fenwick Dining  Chair

Spensley Dining Chair 

Smith  Armchair

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