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The dreamy lake house home of Fredrika Akander

The dreamy lake house home of Fredrika Akander

Written by: Barnaby Lane



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Fredrika Akander is no stranger to style and design. Trust us just visit her instagram page @fakander and you will be mesmerised for hours. So it's no surprise that her lake house designed and styled by her is exactly the same. For more of this home go to @lakehousegc

Creating a natural and calming dining space

The earthy palette

In designing her new home Fredrika intentionally choose an earthy and grounding palette, where natural elements are in abundance creating a sense of calm and serenity. 

You can see this as you peruse the images of the home. Using natural timbers for the dining table and teaming this with our Tanner leather dining chairs in Teak. The soft sheer curtains, marble bench tops and cream sofa all add to this sense of calm. 

Barnaby Lane products

For this project Fredrika selected the Tanner dining chair in Teak. A woven leather chair made form solid teak and thick leather strapping. 

Top tips for your renovation

Fredrika shares her top tips for starting your renovation that won't make you feel overwhelmed

  1. Make a budget 
  2. Write lists 
  3. Moodboard everything 
  4. Always get samples before you buy 
  5. Know your limits 
  6. Be flexible